° 1935

Lives in Nice (FR), born in Naples (IT).

For more than four decades now French artist Ben Vautier has been operating under his emblematic given name "Ben". He signs off every single work of art with his equally recognizable signature, producing a series of language/sign paintings that have come to define the pseudo-infantilist aesthetic of the Fluxus movement of which he was a founding member. Ben’s ritualized, serial use of both signature and first name certainly aligns his work with that of contemporaries such as Marcel Broodthaers and Piero Manzoni, although his actual interest in the content of what is being written – mottoes, clipped sayings, epigrams, staunch statements, some by now semi-classic – imbues his work with a manifesto-like quality that was conspicuously absent from much Fluxus-inspired language art.


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