Edith Dekyndt


° 1960

Born in Ieper (BE).

Edith Dekyndt (°1960) studies at the Atelier d'Images Imprimées des Arts2 (Arts au carré) in Bergen. She lives and works alternately in Doornik and Berlin.

She likes to see things – however small – as very large, spatial and different than the reality as it is usually presented. She ignores a number of common ideas about plastic art, one of those is about working in an atelier. She concentrates completely on working on-site and she uses every space that is assigned to her – a gallery, a museum, a pavilion – as her personal working space, for examining the wide world. In this regard she uses a range of everyday objects and materials, such as clay, blankets, the trunks of small trees, curtains, water droplets or banners. She uses these to build a point of departure for her mysterious creations. They are intriguing because there is always an invisible, impending component that, after some time, slips into and completes the work.

Her entire oeuvre – often installations that are supplemented with videos, photos and drawings – is a reflection of numerous small empirical perceptions, biological-scientific experiments and other miniscule research of the physical phenomena of (and on) our planet, and the many modifications they undergo unnoticed.

Dekyndt not only works horizontally, but also across time. Her work has no beginning and no end. Sometimes it dissolves by itself. It evolves, completes itself, or it dissolves in something else. Dekyndt never focuses on the final form of the work, because it does not exist. Instead, she focuses on the process of development, the moment that a form, a colour or a movement is born – and frequently also disappears again. Through this she exposes what usually escapes us: the invisible, the intangible and the transitory.

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