Ilse D’Hollander

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1968 - 1996

Born in Sint-Niklaas (BE), died in BE.

Ilse D’Hollander (b. 1968) studied at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp and the St. Lucas Higher Institute for Visual Arts in Ghent.  She decided to fully devoted herself to painting from the end of the 1980’s.   This was not so obvious a choice in a period when other media superseded painting in the public arena, with painting even having several times been declared by some as dead.  Under the influence of Masters such as Paul Cézanne and Nicholas de Staël,  Ilse D’Hollander’s starting point is the observation of reality.  Her contact with Raoul de Keyzer also left clear traces in her work.  The extensive oeuvre of paintings and drawings produced by D’Hollander between 1989 and 1997 can be seen as an investigation into the medium of painting.  The approach to painting stood central.  “A painting is created out of a confluence of thoughts and the act of painting itself.”  Ilse D’Hollander left this world before turning 30. 


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