Luc Deleu

Luc deleu  1

° 1944

Born in Duffel (BE), lives in Antwerp (BE).

Luc Deleu (°1944, Duffel, Belgium) lives in Antwerp. In 1970, just after earning his degree in architecture, he set up T.O.P. Office (the Turn-On Planning Office) in Antwerp, which can be described as an interdisciplinary urban planning firm. In 1970 Deleu also had his first solo exhibition, Luc Deleu Says Farewell to Architecture at the self-organised gallery Vacuum voor nieuwe dimensies (‘Vacuum for New Dimensions’) in Antwerp.

Yet to date he has given up neither architecture nor art. He sees them as closely related manifestations of thinking. What he once said of himself is still true: ‘I am an artist because I am an architect.’

M HKA owns several important works by Deleu, which illustrate his critique of the boundaries between architecture and art as professions and systems of knowledge. The hybrid activism that underpins all of Deleu’s work is very visible in the earlier pieces, donated by Deleu to the Gordon Matta-Clark Foundation when it was set up by the International Cultural Centre in Antwerp in 1979. In 1995 much of the foundation was incorporated into the M HKA collection.

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