Nadia Naveau

° 1975

Lives in Antwerp (BE), born in Bruges (BE).

Nadia Naveau (°1975) studies sculpture at the Koninklijke Academie and trains at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, both in Antwerp. She has been teaching sculpture at the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts since 2006 and exhibits regularly in Belgium and abroad.

Naveau experiments with forms, material and use of colour in her work. She draws inspiration for her sculptures from a variety of contexts, which she moulds together to create a strange, highly personal imagination. She seamlessly unites classical forms and iconography with those of our contemporary society. Every image has its own story. Naveau explores the boundaries between the figurative and the abstract, the Baroque and the stylised, the contemporary and the classical, and blends them in her works. The eclectic images consist of different forms and elements, composed in a single sculpture or combined in an installation.

“It is important to me that an image creates a sense of estrangement. I like images that pull me in and make me feel unsure about what I should do with them, what their intentions are. You can taste a good image, it has something appetising,…”

Naveau creates both life-sized and very small pieces, generally fashioning them in clay. She then executes her sculptures and installations in the most varied of materials: plaster, ceramic, polyester, concrete or plasticine.

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