21 MARS 1975 17H23

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M HKA, Antwerp

12 May 2018 - 02 September 2018

Jacqueline Mesmaeker starts her career in the fashion, architecture and design world. Out of her necessity to create images, Mesmaeker starts exploring visual issues from the mid-seventies onward. She draws, makes photographs, films, writes and designs. She also creates installations and videos with photos, films, postcards, text fragments and objects she collects over the years. Although her practice is related to conceptual art, for Mesmaeker, the concept does not necessarily precede a work, but rather results from the experience and pleasure of looking. Her works initiate a form of visual thinking that actively involves the viewer's gaze.

For the work 21 MARS 1975 17H23, Jacqueline Mesmaeker asked several people to take a picture of the place where they found themselves on March 21, 1975, at exactly 5.23 pm, and send her the negative. By bringing together the 35 simultaneous shots in a series, they come to reflect an infinite variety of simultaneously existing viewpoints and perspectives. With this approach, a variation on both mail art and a conceptual approach to photography, Mesmaeker upturns the relation between time and space that is specific to the medium. In contrast to the way a photographer is normally bound to a specific place and thus only able to shoot a sequence of images over time, she succeeds - in a reverse manner - to record a series of places at one given point in time.

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