The Possessed Can Witness in the Court

2015 zaalzicht recente aanwinsten 2015 photo m hkac331

Nikita Kadan


Installation, 220 x 150 x 70 cm.
Materials: metal construction with various objects like lightbox, photograph, plants, coal, a take away leaflet etc.

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp.

The possessed can witness in the court is a construction of archival shelves where objects from the artist's personal collection and works by the artist are together assembled. The objects refer to Soviet history of the present conflict zones: the Krim and the Donbass region. These objects, once tainted by State ideology, here seem to elude any dogmatic narrative and shake off the traditional dichotomy of 'friend' or 'enemy'. Kadan's art works introduce a new logic to history writing, freed from any aspect of governmental control or political history.  

List of used objects:
Nikita Kadan. From the series 'Hesitant sculptures', 2015
Nikita Kadan. From the series 'Observation on archives' (Smithson), 2015
The book 'Monuments of Soviet Ukraine' with the photograph of Artem's monument in Sviatohirsk, Donetsk region. By Ivan Kavaleridze, 1923. 'Monuments of Soviet Ukraine' published by 'Mystetztvo', Kyiv, 1982
'Donbass' sanatorium in Krimea, 1970th
Artillery shells. East of Ukraine
Model for the Lenin's monument, unknown artist. The gift from Lesia Khomenko
'Modernism. Analise and critique of main tendencies', published by 'Iskusstvo', Moscow, 1987
Nikita Kadan. From the series 'Observation on archives' (Dibbets), 2015
Nikita Kadan, 'An island', 2014
Nikita Kadan. From the series 'Observation on archives' (New buildings), 2015

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