Letter to Isi Fiszman

Jlb if 013 a

James Lee Byars


Brief, 3 x (24 x 10.5 cm).
Materials: envelope and three sheets of pink paper

Collection: Courtesy Depot Isi Fiszman, Brussels.

Brief aan Isi Fiszman

"isi – your instit. sounds marvelous – with excitement I’ll do all I can – sent the telegram to Beuys (OK?) what’s happening there now? Duss. was an exciting last day in Europe – Please send me the other 5 as

soon as poss. (no one has paid me at Hudson yet) sorry to ask but – saw Harten the other night in NYC – he seemed upset about the airplane in the street, but still invitational for the fall – wrote Cladders asking about T.V. time etc.

maybe Jeff could hook up with the mus. week? Please mention – hope my film is good – would love to see it – send word? – my best to Anny and Bernd with fondest memories J.B.

P.S. Just learned that Gertrude Stein went to Antwerp first"

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