His BDay (30) and Gay Love in General

Kasper bosmans

Kasper Bosmans


Painting, 21 x 28 cm.
Materials: oil on canvas

Collection: Private Collection of Bas Hendrikx.

Kasper Bosmans (°1990, Lommel) is a keen observer of the many ways in which images explore the boundary between nature and fiction, art and craft. From an intuitive anthropological approach, he looks at the relics of local traditions and mythological iconography in today's world and transposes them through a unique visual language into a new framework of meaning. Starting from play, Bosmans creates associative beauty in the form of performances, paintings, drawings and sculptural installations. By using materials such as milk, sand and marble, he explores functional as well as decorative shapes and the relationship of tension that can exist between the two.

Bosmans: 'A while ago, Richard Tuttle told me that you learn your sense of colour on mother's knee. Then I wanted to make a work where only women choose the colours, but that seemed a bit inhospitable vis-à-vis my trans friends. Then I thought that a queer person should select that colour, but then we end up in a discourse that I myself have too little control over. Ultimately it is important that we treat each other in a sweet and empathetic way, a sweet person can choose that colour, that seems to me the most beautiful.'

The colour for Kasper Bosmans' contribution to TOGETHER. was chosen by Nicky Kwaku Tennysen.

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