Lichtmahl [Light Meal]

Róza El-Hassan


Installation, Variable.
Materials: lamps, fruit

Collection: Bruikleen M HKA van Stichting Beeldende Kunst Middelburg/De Vleeshal (Inv. no. VH0285).

In her work, Róza El-Hassan attempts to portray the complexity of ourselves and our surroundings. She shows that things never stand alone, but are always under tension and connected. The installation Lichtmahl belongs to El-Hassan's earlier works, in which she took this idea quite literally and often tried to visualise energy and natural forces. For Lichtmahl, Róza El-Hassan places light bulbs of various sizes in pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables. The lights underline the presence of nutritious power in each piece, but also emphasise their fragility; as the fruits and vegetables start to rot, the lights fully expose their slow decay. The title of the work refers to 'light' in many senses - light can mean illumination, airiness and freshness, but can also be used to typify something weak or insubstantial.

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