Hit and Run, Kopstoot remix

Cel Crabeels


Materials: DVD

This montage of images made by visual artist Cel Crabeels (member of HIT & RUN) for the exhibition ‘Kopstoot’ (Head-butt) in the Flemish cultural center De Brakke Grond, in 2005, records the artists' occupation of the ICC (Internationaal cultureel centrum) in 1998. The artists' collective HIT & RUN consisted of Christine Clinckx, Cel Crabeels, Karen Celis, Giles Thomas, Jan Kempenaers and Patries Wichers, and was founded in reaction to the acute lack of exhibition space and opportunities for the latest art. Their most important accomplishment in this vein was the occupation of the International Cultural Center (ICC). The ICC, under the prior leadership of Flor Bex, had become one of Europe's most progressive institutions of its sort. But owing to subsequent poor management, by 1998 little remained of its pioneering past. On the day prior to its intended closure, the artists' collective began their occupation of the premises, and did so with the full support of Antwerp's art community. The images shown here depict the occupation's course, with debates, political speeches and performances. Despite the success of this action, the artists were ultimately unable to prevent the ICC from shutting its doors. However, these discussions between artists and civil authorities did yield the NICC (New International Center), until now the only subsidized artists' initiative that defends the rights of the artist vis-à-vis public authorities.

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