Between You and I

Anthony McCall


Installation, 32:45 min., 1200 x 1000 x 1700 cm.
Materials: computer, digital file, video projector, haze machine, double projector

Collection: Courtesy Anthony McCall.

McCall's animation Between You and I presents slowly shifting beams of light whose physical characteristics are underscored by being projected in a dark, smoke-filled room. On the floor we see a languid choreography of ellipses and waves that evolve progressively in the space. In fact, the installation consists of a graphic interaction of animated stripes of light that shape two vertical, three-dimensional, more-or-less conical forms. They seem static, but slowly change, thus establishing a dialogue between the two.

In this performative light installation, the viewer's physical experience of perception is crucial. The installation invites the visitor to approach the image, to step through a transparent veil of light. A choreographic dialogue between spectator and sculpture is gradually established. Between You and I is a continuation of McCall's classical film work Line Describing a Cone (1973), which along the way has become one of the most important reference works in the discipline known as ‘expanded cinema.’

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