Something (Perhaps a Fugue or an Elegy)

39912009 02 02j durham

Jimmie Durham


Installation, 100 x 600 x 400 cm.

Collection: Collection of Maurizio Morra Greco, Naples.

Something (Perhaps a Fugue or an Elegy) is a monumental sculpture of assembled objects. Perhaps like a fugue, it is a composition with the development of an idea, where elements constantly re-appear. Between start and stop (as well as STAR and TOP) we see an entanglement of elements such as cameras, mirrors, all kinds of electrical appliances, pipes, carved figures and pieces of sculptures and other materials. The skulls, bones and the plates signalizing DEATH and NATURE MORTE seem to give us a hint of what it’s all about, and perhaps remind us of an elegy, functioning as a melancholic visual poem. The possible chains of analogies and associations are an invitation to the viewer to endless interpretations.

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