Jozef Robakowski

° 1939

Born in Poznan (Poland), lives in Łódź (Poland), born in Istanbul (TR), based in Istanbul (TR), based in New York (US).

Józef Robakowski (1939, Poland, lives in Łódź) is one of the pioneers of Polish independent filmmaking. A co-founder of Zero-61 and other groups in the 1960s experimenting with cinematic visuality, he also films the everyday as an object of behavioural analysis. 'From My Window' (1978–1985) is composed of shots of a public square collected over a number of years, whereas 'Market' (1970) compresses the moving image into a miniature of lived experience. Robakowski used only two frames every five seconds. ‘This condensed picture of reality was sufficient for many spectators to get the impression of a complete documentary registration.’

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