Barry McMahon

° 1961

Lives in Minneapolis (US).

Barry McMahon designed music video sets and the 1992 World Tour Stage for Prince. His film credits include A Simple Plan, Grumpy Old Men and Little Big League. Other scenic work for the Rainforest Café in Disneyworld and Famous Dave’s in Calhoun Square paved the way to his role as Creative Director for Famous Investments Inc. As Senior Designer and Creative Services Manager for the 300 store video rental/retail chain, Video Update, Barry exploited the power of industry related software applications to create and orchestrate remarkably engaging graphics, animation and multi-media presentations helping the chain grow to 750 stores, before the industry was replaced by online entertainment resources. Barry McMahon is also a novelist. “The Magnificents: The World’s Longest Field Trip” is a young adult, sci-fi/fantasy novel inspired by the bedtime stories he has shared with his five children, while “Blue: the Novel” is loosely based on his own life as an artist with a sci-fi fantasy twist. He is a designer of print, media and product and a developer of apps including a breakthrough product, set for release, late in 2019. Barry has appeared in shows from Boston to San Francisco and now shows predominantly in the Midwestern United States. His work has appeared in group and solo shows, the most recent of which was at the Phipps in Hudson, Wisconsin.

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