Cel Crabeels

° 1958

Born in Belgium.

In his videos, installations, photos and performances Cel Crabeels toys with the notion of emptiness, as a meaningful environment, opening up to a multitude of interpretations. His spatial works often stimulate the audience towards interaction, linking various levels of reality to the physical experience of the environment. In this process circumstantial elements have an important role to play. In his videos, however, background elements are systematically filtered out, until nothing remains but a minimal testing area of space and movement. Above all, he is interested in peripheral events, marginal actions which he isolates in space, situating them in the eye of the focus. Images are reduced to their essence; nevertheless they are left open for different interpretations. Above all, his work embodies a reflection on the possibilities and variety of our perception, and at the same time it explores the potential of art as an influential factor.

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