Dale Edwin Wittig

° 1957

Lives in United States.

Dale Edwin Wittig is a painter and writer. Studied at the University of Connecticut Theater, concentrating in Literature and Puppetry. He has performed with Bread and Puppet Theater, The Expanding Secret Company, Zeltzman and Colburn, The Ninth Street Theater, and solo at the Cheap Art Store, and collaboratively at the Armpit Gallery.

At the Small Free Inn he produced many murals for their Saturday night dinners. A condition of their production was that they would only be seen for a single evening. At the Cheap Art Store he produced a series of murals over a period of seven years; the murals were seen for periods of from one month to one year, and then painted over. His books have been self-published, his plays self-produced, or made in collaboration with other artists. He has a collaboration with Max Schumann on installations of Cheap Art since 1986.

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