Ernesto Pujol

° 1957

Lives in New York City (United States).

Ernesto Pujol is a site-specific performance artist and social choreographer. He creates silent walking performances as collective portraits that reactivate familiar landscapes and emblematic architecture, seeking to reveal their psychic underlay, in the Jungian sense. Pujol trained in humanities, education, psychology, media, visual arts, pilgrimage and monasticism. He has performed with urban and rural communities in the United States and the Middle East. Pujol is the author of numerous essays and conversations, as well as Sited Body, Public Visions: silence, stillness & walking as Performance Practice, as well as The Boys’ Garden Club, a literary fiction novel, the first of several in process. The artist resides in New York, where he serves as performance instructor, multimedia projects and thesis advisor in the MFA programs of Parsons -The New School, and The School of Visual Arts.

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