Filip Gilissen

° 1980

Born in Brussels (BE).

Filip Gilissen is a Belgian artist who lives and works in Brussels. Performing normalism, literalism and mannerism and demanding that its art, Gilissen’s events, performances, and installations are designed to undermine their own style. Household mirrors from labrador puppies overlaid with feel good Ancient Greek philosophy or an exhibition venue renovated into an up-cycle lamp shop; these works defend an emphatically populist design while refusing the populist ideal.

To some Gilissen is also known as @Joseph_Beuys_From_The_Grave; a board member of COSMOPOLITANISSIMO. This exhibition project, which Elke Lente, describes as; “a holiday from the good taste and design aggression”, could appear as spam, but is in fact also a love letter. Serving food on a high speed train or curating plant interventions in the city of Brussels, these incognito and at times invented collaborations are attempts of reconnecting with other relationships and codes, eventually to be transgressed in turn.

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