Gert Robijns

° 1972

Born in Sint-Truiden (BE), lives in Mons (BE).

Gert Robijns makes sculptures, videos and installations. He is interested in the functional yet mondaine aesthetics of the everyday – an inspiration for his playful installations and surreal interventions.

Robijns' works draw the viewer's attention to aspects of perception and intuition, phenomena he wants to call into question. He wishes to capture elusive and fleeting experiences: the buzz of a mosquito, a falling tree, a mouse streaking by,... The starting point is the banality of ordinary motives and movements. Robijns wants to register the moments of wonder or reflection these small details evoke.

His work balances between reality and illusion. He plays with the visible and the invisible, with past and present, with here and elsewhere. With a short, intense moment, he creates a whole world. His works are not statements but suggestions. 

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