Julien Maire

° 1969

Born in Metz (France), lives in Berlin (Germany).

In his work Julien Maire clearly enters into dialogue with history of media, paradoxically enough by designing new technological apparatus. Maire opposes the promise that technology means progress. Consequently, he changes obsolete cinematic techniques to develop alternative images. In this way he provokes questions about the characteristics of the image and the viewer’s position. His aim is to change people’s perceptions and to question the visual strategies in the digital age.

“I have visited many film museums and I have to confess that often I was engulfed by a feeling of sadness when observing these ‘relics that make me doubt the existence of the saints’ - the art of movement does not cope well with immobility.” - Julien Maire

By combining past and current technologies, Julien Maire does not exhibit melancholy objects but rather reactivates them.


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