Linn Cecilie Ulvin

° 1969

Lives in Oslo (Norway).

Linn Cecilie Ulvin is an artist and writer. She also curates exhibitions and does projects within the art sector at large. Ulvin works with an emphasis on text, installation and performance. Ulvins work is essentially interdisiplinary. In her work she explores combinations of literature, performativity and visuality. Ulvin has her background in physical theatre, has studied at Oslo National Academy Of The Arts and The Writers Academy in Hordaland, Norway. She has done acting/directing in her own productions in the theatre company ”Kompaniet Panterbiffene (1991-1998).  She has written the novels ”Closer To Love” (2005) and ”The Sky Behind Is Exhaustingly Blue” (2001), published by Tiden Norsk Forlag, and published work in Vinduet, Vagant, Ord Och Bild and Methronome a.o. Recently Ulvin has exhibited at Lillehammer Art Museum, Norway (2013), Skövde Konsthall, Sweden (2013) and Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway (2013). She has also been involved in The Book Lovers Project at De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam (2014), EFA in NYC (2013) and M HKA Museum Of Contemporrary Art, Antwerp (2013). Ulvin has done a public Art Comission at Bjørnsveen Secondary School in Gjøvik, Norway (2011) and a new work is to be completed in 2014 at Spongdal School and Sports Arena in Trondheim, Norway.

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