° 2014

Works in Omsk (RU).

The creative association was founded in 2014 in Omsk; the group includes Anastasia Makarenko, Alena Isakhanyan (St. Petersburg), Maria Rybka, Nadezhda Valetskaya, Maria Alexandrova (Omsk). All participants graduated from the School of Engaged Art (St. Petersburg). Participated in the First Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art at the Garage Museum, in the First Feminnale of Contemporary Art (Bishkek), in the parallel program of the Ural Industrial Biennale, in the international public art festival Artprospect, in the Art Prospect Fellows program (New York), in the Flower Blast exhibition (Ludwig Forum, Aachen) and other Russian and foreign projects. In addition to art projects, "Nadenka" conducts seminars and lectures on contemporary art in Omsk, feminist readings, seminars about favorite artists, micro-festivals, workshops on joint sewing and mending clothes. The members of the association live and work in Omsk and St. Petersburg. Means and methods: textiles, text, use of statistics and documentary materials, infographics, drift, videos, interviews, engagement, performance, fantasy and affects. Areas of interest: tenderness, collectivity, sisterhood, queer, female labor, utopias, how to practice feminism, reproductive labor, friendship, other artists, gender studies, houses of culture, corporality, female sexuality, female subjectivity, boundaries and protection of their borders, growing up, anti-capitalism, fragility , weakness, going beyond, love, living and dead, human and posthuman.

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