Nina Papaconstantinou

° 1968

Born in Athens (GR), works in Athens (GR).

Nina Papaconstantinou

Nina Papaconstantinou studied Greek Literature at Athens University and Fine Arts at Camberwell College of Arts in London in 2001. In her work, she explores the relationship of language with art. Via a time-consuming form of ‘manual labor’ Papaconstantinou reproduces excerpts from texts onto the picture-plane proposing a different way of reading and enjoying them. By superimposing layers of drawing, illegible pieces of handwriting, blanks, spaces and accumulated writings and marks, the artist cancels out the text’s code of communication and allows the viewer’s eye to travel over the text’s ‘textures’, and to question its hidden ‘history’.

She has presented her work in solo and group exhibitions (Athens Biennale, 2009, ARCO, Madrid, 2004, Nina Papaconstantinou – Instead of Writing, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, 2011, Drawing Time, Reading Time, The Drawing Center, New York, 2013 et al.).

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