Paul Bogaers

° 1961

Lives in Tilburg (Netherlands).

Association and suggestion play an important role in the work of visual artist and photographer Paul Bogaers (Tilburg, The Netherlands, 1961). In his combination of photographs –his own as well as found snapshots, postcards and other pre-existing images– he invites the viewer to perceive surprising new links and meanings. But equally in Bogaers’ individual photographs, associations are being revealed that generally remain unnoticed behind the façade of the common and insignificant. In addition to his photographic work, Paul Bogaers is also active as a writer. He specialises in the collage method: texts that originate from the combination of found sentences, collected from various sources. So far this method has resulted in the novels Tropenwee (Tropical Illness, 1992), Onderlangs (Down Below, 2007), and further to publications in various literary magazines and several catalogue texts.

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