Q.S. Serafijn

° 1960

Lives in Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Q.S. Serafijn is an artist and writer. Well-known works of him are D-Tower in Doetinchem (in collaboration with NOX Architekten Rotterdam, 2004), What’s finished is not made (police station Apeldoorn, 2009), the equestrian statue in Wateringse Veld in The Hague titled JOHN WAYNE (2010) and BANK! in Hilversum (in collaboration with Buro Poppinga Amsterdam, 2011). In addition to his columns Serafijn publishes ‘notes’ and novellas such as STREEKROMAN (Doorsneden landschap / Regional Novel (Sectioned Landscape), 2008), TREKKEN (boek voor de tandarts / PULLING TEETH (novel for the dentist), 2010) en Het Wonder van Wateringse Veld / The Miracle of Wateringse Veld (2010). Q.S. Serafijn is a tutor at the DOGTIME programme of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

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