Sarah Vanhee

° 1980

Lives in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Sarah Vanhee's artistic practice is linked to performing arts, visual art and literature. In 2007 she graduated at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Some of her recent projects are: Great Public Sale of Unrealized but Brilliant Ideas (a live auction-happening with artists’ unrealized projects); Untranslatables, a guide to translingual dialogue (publication on untranslatable words), The C-Project (merging fiction and reality in public and virtual space, resulting in the artist novel The Miraculous Life of Claire C); Me and My Stranger (a lecture-performance on the theme of the stranger); Turning Turning – a choreography of thoughts (practice and performance, attempt to grab all thoughts in an overproduction of language); Untitled (performance in private houses, focusing on people and their proper art-objects).

Her work has been produced and presented internationally, a.o. at De Appel Art Centre(Amsterdam), Centre Pompidou (Metz), Brut (Vienna), Artefact festival, STUK (Leuven), Onomatopee Project Space (Eindhoven), Campo (Ghent), Fondazione Pistoletto (Biella), I-Dans festival (Istanbul), Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven).

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