Thierry De Cordier

° 1954

Born in Oudenaarde (BE), lives in Ostend (BE), based in Moscow (RU), born in Moscow (RU).

Thierry De Cordier (b. 1954) creates depth in his paintings through the use of dark tones. Yet also as a sculptor, draughtsman, printmaker, writer and maker of installations his tone remains bleak. To counteract the hopelessness of existence, he creates references in his work to literary contexts – through ironic titles and handwritten captions – telling of a nostalgic desire for peace, simplicity and beauty. In his texts he reflects on his distrust in today's society and the inability to escape progress. Philosophically speaking, the essence of his oeuvre is deeply rooted in the earth, although it is in spirit somehow detached from it, lost as it were, in a romantic, literary cloud.

Text: Hans Willemse
Translations: Michael Meert










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