Wolfgang Laib

° 1950

Born in Metzingen (), lives in Hochdorf (), works in Hochdorf ().

"I am not afraid of beauty, unlike most artists today. The pollen, the milk, the beeswax, they have a beauty that is incredible, that is beyond the imagination, something which you cannot believe is a reality–and it is the most real. I could not make it myself, I could not create it myself, but I can participate in it. Trying to create it yourself is only a tragedy, participating in it is a big chance." — Wolfgang Laib

Wolfgang Laib finished his studies in medicine in the 1970s, but found himself dissatisfied with the world of medical science and natural sciences in general and decided to become an artist, a 'profession' he practices as a way of life. Laib creates sculptures and images from the pollen of flowers, bushes and dens (since 1977), from marble and milk (since 1975), from rice (since 1982) and from beeswax (since 1987). All materials he employs are taken from nature. Because most of these materials are extremely fragile, they need to be installed with the greatest possible care and precision. This care is somehow palpable when approaching Laib's works, which emanate a distinct vulnerability. They enforce care and caution, and call for silence and reflection. The very simple, elementary shapes of the works further enhance this effect.

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