"Society is not as idealistic as one imagines. That's also why I seriously question society, the civilisation in which we live. In the face of the manipulation and exploitation of the Third World, our society sometimes tends towards the colonial and is certainly laden with capitalism. That's why I illustrate these phenomena, but now as a sort of archaeology of the era." - Guillaume Bijl

Guillaume Bijl is considered as a key figure of the 1980s art scene in Belgium, with installations that graft reality onto the art world, but his oeuvre goes back further still. The M HKA has a particular interest in this earlier work, especially in the conceptual works from out of which his subsequent pieces would spring. Additionally, the M HKA has collected an extensive ensemble comprising different of his important installations, including the Autorijschool [Car Driving School], the TV-Quiz Decor, and the reminder of the key work Chaussures ICC.

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