Book Lovers 4.0 (Pop-up Bookstore)


De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam

28 January 2014 - 02 February 2014

The Book Lovers presents the first (pop-up) bookstore specialized in artist novels. The bookstore will be hosted by De Appel and run by Buchhandlung Walther König. For the first time the novels will not only be on display for public's perusal, but also available for sale, fulfilling in this way the public dimension inherent to the novel format.

In addition to this, the full collection of artist novels will be on display, borrowed for the occasion from M HKA in Antwerp.

The Book Lovers project is a project by David Maroto and Joanna Zielinska.

There will be an accompanying public program of presentations and performances that will take place at the bookstore itself:

28 January 2014: Jaap Blonk, avant-garde composer and performance artist, will read an excerpt from Guy de Cointet's novel Espahor Ledet Ko Uluner!

A New Refutation of Time: performance by Mark Geffriaud, artist and author of The Curve of Forgotten Things.

1 February 2014: Simultaneous: a performance by Heman Chong: artist, writer, curator and co-author of the novel PHILIP.


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