LATT: Dialogue #3 Ria Pacquée & Filip Gilissen - Real Fake Gold is all around you


M HKA, Antwerpen

27 June 2014 - 05 October 2014

Lonely at the Top (LATT) on the sixth floor has been a platform for dialogue since 2014. In four episodes, an established name in the Belgian art scene introduced a lesser known artist. The lesser-known artists, in turn, chose one or more works of these established names in the presentation. On the Thursday evening of the preview of a new Dialogue, the two artists entered into dialogue.

Ria Pacquée (born in 1954, Merksem) introduces Filip Gilissen (born in 1980, Brussels), a Brussels artist who, by means of advertising, marketing and media language, questions the value of authenticity in relation to progress and art’s social role.

"If this exhibition has a moral it would be that progress is a bourgeous idea and perhaps it wants to remind seflrightious thinkers to consider we all are in the end quite meaningless and powerless." – Filip Gilissen

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