Estranged Paradise: Yang Fudong Works 1993-2013


Kunsthalle Zürich, Zürich

04 April 2013 - 26 May 2013

Yang Fudong (born 1971 in Beijing, lives and works in Shanghai) is one of the most important figures of China’s contemporary art scene and independent cinema movement. His films and installations are works of bricolage: Their atemporal and dreamlike quality, long and suspended sequences, dividing narratives, as well as multiple relationships and story lines reflect the conundrums of idealism and ideology of a new generation. At the same time, the works address the ideals and anxieties of a young people who are struggling to find their place in the fast-paced changes of present-day China.

The exhibition, co-curated by Philippe Pirotte, presents a selection of works from the late 1990s until today and includes film, installation as well as photography, highlighting the formal aspects of the construction of cinema in the artist’s work and its resonance in the Film Noir aesthetics. The show is accompanied by a film programme curated by Yang Fudon, featuring Chinese films from the 1920s and 1930s and from his own generation as well as Western films influencing his work. Following the exhibition in Zurich, «Estranged Paradise. Works 1993–2013» will travel to the Berkeley Art Museum.

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