Jimmie Durham - Der Verführer und der Steinerne Gast [The Libertine and the Stone Guest]


Wittgenstein House, Vienna

03 March 1996 - 30 April 1996

"Ulli Lindmayr invited me to do something in the house that Wittgenstein had designed and built for his sister in Vienna. As an architect Wittgenstein was a disciple of Adolf Loos, only more severe, of course. The house is beautiful, every detail controlled so much that it gives an impression like that of a drunken man pretending to be sober. A crazy house pretending to be not crazy.

It seemed a perfect place to continue the attack on architecture I’d started with the show at Galerie Micheline Szwajcer. There was a small book, published only in German, that I saw as part of the project. I had done a similar thing at a show in Exit Art in New York in 1989, with a book as part of the exhibit." [full text here]

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