Le Pont


Ville De Marseille, Marseille

25 May 2013 - 20 October 2013

The exhibiton Le Pont aims to give visibility to artists from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea and beyond. At the same time, this show works as a journey through Marseilles, leading the audience to discover numerous truly remarkable places of the city.

The ancient Greeks believed that the Mediterranean was a link between civilisations, and that crossing it was an adventure. During this journey, familiar feelings of belonging come head to head with new sensations as those who cross the bridge enter a new world.

Featuring artists from different generations who have all moved, migrated, and created new worlds for themselves, this collection shows the universal character of the Mediterranean experience. Some of these artists were discovered in Marseille before embarking on an international career. These encounters are another way of showing Marseille’s hospitality and the city’s vibrant art scene. Marseille is a crossroads for travellers from north and south, east and west. The exhibition starts at the Contemporary Art Museum and continues throughout the city with exceptional works in remarkable venues.

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