Museum E!: Els Vanden Meersch – Storyboard


WZC Immaculata, Edegem

28 January 2017 - 25 February 2017

M HKA and the Immaculata nursing home have developed an enduring partnership on the topic of contemporary art. This project aims to stimulate the perception of the residents, their families, staff, volunteers and visitors by stirring up their imagination in and around the care home. The project focuses on the rich emotional and intellectual experiences that art can trigger, and is based on the power of contemporary art to bring people closer together and to bring about interaction. The E! Museum E! stands therefore for EXPERIENCE.

Storyboard by Els Vanden Meersch is the third exhibition in the Museum E! project and will be on display between 28.01 and 25.02.2017.

WZC Immaculata, Oude Godstraat 110, 2650 Edegem

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