Robert Filliou – Multiples


MuHKA, Antwerpen

21 June 2003 - 21 August 2003

Robert Filliou – multiples together with the people day collection

Robert Filliou (°1926, Sauve; †1987, Lascaux, France) felt attracted to the multiple because of the game element that multiplication offered him. Therefore, it is not without reason that he is called one of the heirs of Marcel Duchamp: like this illustrious predecessor he introduces commonplace (mass consumption) objects into art in a playful-ironic way. He transforms everyday reality into the support for his complex stock of ideas. A number of his multiples are exhibited here, together with a work which has been in the collection from the very beginning of the M HKA: Projet de toilettes pour le musée de Mönchengladbach (1969).
Recently, the M HKA acquired a beautiful ensemble of multiples by Filliou, which will now be shown for the first time in the collection presentation on the upper floors, and in parallel with the exhibition. 

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