THE BOOK LOVERS - A Project about Artist Novels


The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York

25 January 2013 - 09 March 2013

Curated by [David Maroto]( and [Joanna Zielińska]( With artworks by: Tim Etchells (UK), Tom Gidley (UK), Jill Magid (USA), Roee Rosen (Israel), Lindsay Seers (UK), Goldin+Senneby (Sweden), Alexandre Signh (France), Julia Weist (USA) With novels by: Carl Andre, Keren Cytter, Salvador Dalí, Tim Etchells, Liam Gillick, Pablo Helguera, Stewart Home, Joseph Kosuth, Yayoi Kusama, Jana Leo, Mai-Thu Perret, Tom McCarthy, Richard Prince, Andy Warhol… to a total of around 130 titles. The Book Lovers is a systematic attempt to study the phenomenon of artist novels. An investigation of the creative consequences when artists choose the novel as a medium is the core of this long-term project and research. For an increasing number of artists, the novel is becoming a means to generate new art objects in the scope of a multidisciplinary practice. A collection of novels written by artists and a parallel online database are available for public perusal in a Reading Room, together with a selection of artworks that are inextricably linked to some of the novels. The artist novels collection is also on view at [M HKA]( (Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, Belgium –from 6th December 2012 to 21st April 2013) and it has been acquired by the museum to be included in its collection.

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