Dusty Phrases / Пыльные фразы

Anatoly Osmolovsky


Materials: dust

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. M00032).

Anatoly Osmolovsky's Dusty Phrases consists of 21 slogans —  critical or exclamatory statements made from dust that was taken from vacuum cleaner bags, which he used to ‘write’ on the wall using a set of cut-out letters and glue. The slogans, oddly, are installed at ankle’s height, and snake around the walls of the museum to form a series of polemical utterances, varying from the outright political to more speculative reflections on the place of art and the position of the artist in contemporary society: “each intellectual participates in the revolting pursuit of prestige and cannot but feel pangs of conscience”“terror is not representative (real terrorists who got into conflict with the law always work in illegality; for perfectly understandable reasons, they hide their faces)”. Two other examples suggest that “Chaos and lack of motivation could become the basis of a new moral position”, and that “the world of today has arrived at a stage of the overproduction of everything: ideas, fashions, murders, hunger, consumption, products, sex, etc.”

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