Jean Katambayi Mukendi



Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. S0512).

The work Trotation aims to rectify the imbalance between the northern and southern hemispheres. In this piece, the artist demonstrates how the Earth turns on its own axis (rotation) while also orbiting around the Sun (translation), and whereby those closer to the equator make a larger revolution than those closer to the poles.  By adding a third deliberate rotation (trotation) to this natural order of things, his machine intends to remedy the imbalance by addition of this third spin, and thus re-establish equilibrium. Together with members of MAONO 0201234, Katambayi searches for ways to have this third rotational force become reality and undo the world's imbalances.

Click here to see Trotation in action.

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