Crew, Pilot, and Russian Girlfriend (Novorossiysk) 1-10

Allan Sekula


Photography, 10 x (102.8 x 151.3 cm).
Materials: chromogenic prints mounted on alu-dibond and framed

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. M00133).

Crew, Pilot, and Russian Girlfriend (Novorossiysk) 1-10, 1999-2000/2010

Crew, pilot, and Russian Girlfriend (Novorossiysk) portraits ten members of the activist crew on the Global Mariner, a ship destined for destruction that was turned into a floating global exhibition on seafarers’ working conditions and rights, sponsored by the London-based International Transport Workers Federation. The primary target of critique was the system of ‘flag of convenience’ shipping, designed to avoid improving working conditions on the oceans.

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