Komfort Über Alles!

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / AMVK


Video, 00:16:09.
Materials: video (U-Matic), digitalized, sound

Collection: Courtesy of the artist (Inv. no. 003).

"The installation Komfort Über Alles was about problems and their solution. It consisted of 5 core works, surrounded by smaller acolytes as support. Each larger work acted as a machine, as a step towards the solution of the problem. There was a clear pathway within the installation and one was helped by an additional, matching brochure. The works had titles like Braintester, Precision Analyser, Problem Detector, Structure Apparatus and Evolution Monitor."

"In the 17th Century there was the Intellectual Revolution, in the 19th Century: the Industrial Revolution and in the 20th: the Sexual Revolution. Now we are living in the digital revolution. One and Zero. Yes or No. A lot of pain is caused by moralism, duality. Black and white, The art lover is attracted to the abstract, while the abstract will never be sexually stimulating." 


Editing: AMVK

Soundtrack: Willy Tielemans

Actors: AMVK

Produced by: AMVK, Club Moral, De Warande

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