Contraindre le corps à s’inscrire dans le cadre

Jacques Lizène


Materials: 7 dia

Collection: Courtesy Nadja Vilenne.

'[Being almost futile] means 'trying' to be futile. Being futile is a performance that is far removed from being mediocre. Being nothing strictly means doing nothing interesting. 'As good as' futile, is more mediocre, is playing the game, making small efforts but never go to the extreme, propose lame things. That suits my artistic approach better than mediocrity as behavioural art. I can make mediocre or even very bad works but they can also be masterpieces, by referring to them, of course, as mediocrity art. This is a work based on the concept of judgment, which is also a part of humour. Humour is a very important dimension of my approach. My approach takes precedence over the object. Ridicule is needed to save the rearguard. Actually, it is, although I do not like that word, extremely progressivistic.'

Jacques Lizène in : Que reste-t-il …

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