Solo uit Hyena

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / AMVK


Video, 00:03:00.
Materials: super 8 film

Collection: Courtesy of the Artist (Inv. no. 016).

Fragment (solo) of the Marc Vanrunxt dance-production, filmed in one take in the first space of De Beweeging in Antwerpen-Zuid, B. The camera moves alongside the dancer. The result is an intuitive, superconcentrated, immediate reaction of one artist on the expression of another artist.

“The power of attraction Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven experiences when Marc Vanrunxt’s body moves in dance is responsible for the need she feels to show her interpretation of those moments. AMVK: ”Filming a dancing subject heightens its visual accessibility.  Opposite to the enforced static position of the seated spectator, the point from which the dancer is viewed becomes possible to observe details accurately.  The silence and technical capabilities, in particular with respect to light, of the video camera minimize my impact on what’s going on, allowing me to achieve a pure recording of the intimacy which exists between the bodily artist concerned and his hungry admirer.” 


Camera: AMVK

No sound, no editing

Production: vzw Hyena en Club Moral

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