Sasha Pirogova


Video, 00:10:00.
Materials: HD video, sound

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. S0546_01).

Biblimlen explores a series of performances – which are strung together cinematographically – the ways in which people interact with their everyday environment, which is both unique and passing. Often with little or no attention to detail, any possibility for something new or different is completely overlooked.

The performances take place in the Russian State Library, which becomes a co-author of the work. The unique atmosphere and shape of the building is closely linked to the strict rules of conduct that apply there. The work departs from common scenarios that contradict the restrictions of this strictly regulated environment.

Pirogova lets human bodies perform a surprising dance with the library's knowledge system. She shows unsuspected qualities and possible experiences in a system striving for uniformity. It's our movements that bring livability, enjoyment and depth. The real and the surreal come together; the characters are enchanted by the building and remain in an endless conversation with space.

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