Wolf at the Door

Travis Jeppesen


Book, 20 x 13.5 cm, 170 p., language : English, publisher : Twisted Spoon Press, ISBN : 9788086264295.
Materials: ink, paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. B 2029/92).

Literary synopsis

A sculptor dying of a mysterious illness leaves the city behind in order to live out his final days in solitude in a village somewhere in Eastern Europe. His sole contact is with a deaf-mute gravedigger named Vojtech, a golem-like figure who delivers the necessary provisions — when he remembers to show up. A nameless wanderer traverses the barren streets of an unknown city in search of his next prey. Author of the critically acclaimed novel Victims, Travis Jeppesen has sculpted an absurdist drama of banal interactions via two parallel stories that never directly intersect, but rather hover interdependently in a polluted atmospheric stasis. Rife with ghosts and illusions perdues, at times violent and scatological, Wolf at the Door confronts fear and devastation, destruction and creation, the decay of both spirit and body with a blend of intense black humor and linguistic inventiveness that dares to ponder what happens after The End: of both art and life.

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