Installation, variable dimensions .
Materials: steel and rubber on wheels

Collection: Collection Province de Hainaut / Dépôt BPS22, Charleroi.

Her work Impatiente, in neoprene, a non-putrescible synthetic rubber, one of the artist's favourite materials, both solid and flexible, is characteristic of the work of Tapta in the early 90's. A basic form, in this case a square, is cut into several articulated parts, allowing it to spread on the ground using castors. Contrary to the so-called ‘male sculpture’, which claims vertical ascension, this work spreads horizontally, taking space into account.

A physical relation is created through contact with the structure; its conception is linked to the human body and the character of its movement is mentioned in the title. In order to express the dynamism of forms in space, black is indispensable to the artist. She considers it "energetic, powerful, opaque, profound, simple, radical, affirmative and contrasting”. By means of minimalist and powerful structures, Tapta wants to testify to the brutality of the contemporary world. However, this radical attitude is however counterbalanced by the litheness, the flexibility and the openness of her forms, which give her pieces an incredible freedom.

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