Altijd Augustus

Maria Barnas


Book, 21 x 13 cm, 188 p, language: Dutch, publisher: Amsterdam: Uitgeverij G.A. van Oorschot B.V., ISBN: 9789028261563.
Materials: ink, paper

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. B 2029/359).

Literary synopsis

It is summer 1989. August lives between two villages, on a street between the meadows and the forest. Her father has left in search of a life that suits him better. Her mother refuses to believe that he will never come back. The world of August is supported by narrations: stories she reads, stories she gets sent from her dad on cassette tapes, and stories that she makes up. August prepares a speech about the Satanic Verses. At school, the book is burned by a Turkish classmate. Questions are pressing, like: What is the power of the written word? Should everything you tell be true? Is it true that Rushdie is hiding in the barn behind in the garden? For sure, August puts a plate of food for him every day. Altijd Augustus is a small, dazzling narration in which the tears of a society that is perfect are becoming painfully visible.

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Authorship: Artist Author.

Creative Strategy: No Link to Artworks.

Genre: Plain Fiction.

Publishing: Publishing House.

Theme: Family Secrets, Memory, Religion.

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