Ouverture [Overture]

Bernard Frize


Painting, 185 x 232.5 cm.
Materials: acrylic, canvas, resin

Collection: Collection M HKA, Antwerp (Inv. no. BK7195_M210).

When we look at Bernard Frize’s work, we see that colour and texture play an important part. To him, painting is about applying colour to a surface, about the canvas, seen as a screen across which the colours parade. We do not perceive anything recognisable, nor are there any figurative aspects of his paintings. This is a very deliberate choice by Frize, who claims to not be interested in images or iconography. While he does realise that each painting is nevertheless read as a kind of story he shifts this responsibility onto the viewer. He himself does not propose any narrative interpretations; it is the viewer who forms an idea of the work. He is ‘only’ a labourer, someone who makes paintings. He does not see an artist as an exalted or mysterious figure, but as someone who produces work. Yet he does expect sustained observation from his public, because only then can one penetrate to the soul of the painting. In his work, Frize emphasises the duality of art and science. He considers it essential that his works appear on the canvas almost entirely automatically. He tries to minimise his role in the production process as vehemently as possible. In his work, the colours and materials remain paramount, rising above the artist’s own artistic contribution.

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