BIWA bekendmaking

Jef LambrechtKarel Schoetens


Print, A4.
Materials: paper, ink (printing)

Collection: M HKA, Antwerpen - Schenking Samarkand, 2019.

First project document by the Belgian Institue for World Affairs - the launching of a two-tier mobile ambassadorship - sea/air - signed by directors sea/land

lower right: announcement Nr. 8 / 333  one of a series (reworked) of announcements



BIWA / to far and wide


To meet the desire for an international spread of culture, cultural houses have been built abroad. Perhaps the realm would like to consider a noble cultural embassy. One that can go anywhere.


Two ways are open: a culture-ship can be built for the air, and a seagoing ship for long circumnavigations. Culture mobiles with all means of artistic production, a meeting space for domestic and foreign artists, scientists, journalists...

A collection point is needed on shore where the precipitation is stored and distributed.

In the future, a fleet can be developed for our most important export product: art.


Antwerp 01/04/82

Karel Schoetens Director at sea

Jef Lambrecht Director on land

Rudolfstraat 39 2000 Antwerp, / no 8/333

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